Players Who Sucked This Week

I’m back after slacking last week. With the NBA All-Star break over the weekend, the basketballers only had a few games to prove themselves – and I’m actually glad they did so I don’t have to write as much.



Thomas Greiss started off by being benched after giving up six goals, then beat his rivals, and went back to losing against the Devils – a 3.66 GAA and .865 SV% are his three-game averages.

This would've been a better look for Greiss.

This would’ve been a better look for Greiss.

Louis Domingue was a one-and-done, having five pucks go by in a losing effort to the Oilers. Same goes for Jacob Markstrom, except the Blues beat him. Add Andrei Vasilevskiy to this group as well, he lost in overtime to the Stars. And Keith Kinkaid. It was a bad week for the backups.

Peter Budaj improved his SV% as the week went on (.810, .880, .966), but still lost all three contests. And made it to my list.




Jerian Grant piggybacked off this teammates to two wins before the All-Star break with a .266 FG% and .222 3P%.

Damian Lillard played in one game, but it was enough to need a break from play; shooting below .160 is not the way to earn $24 million a year.

Nick Young was bad shooting from all over the field – 5-20 overall and 4-14 from long range. Brandon Ingram joins Swaggy P with a bad week himself (.214 FG%). I still wanna know why he ever used that nickname.

DeMar DeRozan was 5-19 from the field in both games this week, showing how consistently bad he can be.


It didn’t take long for Darrelle Revis to screw up in the offseason. He was recently charged with two counts aggravated assault, one count making terroristic threats, one count robbery, and one count conspiracy to commit aggravated assault. Here’s some extra information as it comes out for you to enjoy. And then he claimed to have better stats then Deion Sanders. Man this guy has really fallen off.

Yep - you done goofed.

Yep – you done goofed.

Dishonorable Mentions

Roberto Luongo gave up five goals in at OT win last Wednesday in San Jose, then saved 33 of 35 shots on Saturday against the Kings. Speaking of the Sharks, Martin Jones followed up his terrible six-goal loss to the Panthers (vs Luongo) with a two-goal OT loss to the Bruins. The Sharks should just try to win in regulation next time.

Michal Neuvirth lost two of three, allowing six goals in one of them. He was able to bounce back and beat the Canucks, but who hasn’t?


Stats week of 2/14-20


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Platform vs. Distraction: The Latest American Sports Rivalry

Last Sunday Night, the NFL season concluded with a Super Bowl that is instantly being considered one of the best in the fifty-one-year history of pro football’s championship game. Much of the reason is due to the New England Patriots’ record-breaking 25-point comeback en route to a 34-28 victory over the Atlanta Falcons. It was an instant classic and safely has a spot amongst the most entertaining football games in recent memory.

Fortunately for sports fans, we have had the pleasure of witnessing a great collection of season finishes over the past twelve months. It started with Villanova hitting a buzzer beater to defeat North Carolina in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Game, followed up by an exhilarating NBA Finals when the Cleveland Cavaliers came back from a 3-1 deficit to top the 73-win Golden State Warriors.

The NBA Finals were not the only championship series to feature a 3-1 comeback, as the Chicago Cubs completed an identical rally against the Cleveland Indians to win their first World Series since 1908. A few months later in January, we witnessed the rare championship game rematch in college football when the Clemson Tigers topped the Alabama Crimson Tide 35-31.

The aforementioned championship games have not only provided viewers with impeccable entertainment, they’ve provided a temporary getaway from events that have contributed to what many people have considered being a tumultuous year. Most sports fans reacted to these games with the sentiment of “That’s why we love sports”, or   “It’s games like that which make me a sports fan.” It’s unscripted drama that many viewers tune in for the same reason they do for their favorite television show: To be entertained and experience a temporary escape from reality.

Fans have watched, cheered and cried while being enthralled with captivating and unforgettable games that despite the news of the day, week or month, allowed for us to escape for a few hours at a time. It is impossible to ignore the current political climate in America, and its impact on everyday life. Even the most disinterested and apathetic citizen has been affected in one way or another. It started with multiple tragic shootings and acts of violence involving police officers. Each tragedy has reignited heated debates on controversial issues such as gun control, police brutality and race relations.

The NFL Season kicked off with San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem. According to Kaepernick, the intention behind the action was to make a statement about police violence. The actions inspired strong and spirited debate regarding the merits of his protest. There were clearly two sides: Those who viewed his kneeling as disrespectful and those who supported his message.

In future weeks, more football players replicated Kaepernick in support of his protest against police brutality. Naturally, this led to more conversation among the public on the issue. Regardless of what side of the argument you are on, the key here is that the actions of a professional athlete got the American people talking about an issue that is very far removed from sports.

In addition to the issue at hand, it has raised a much bigger question: What is the 2017 role of sports? Is it a distraction from the real world or is a platform for those athletes in the spotlight to spread awareness on issues much bigger than the games they play?

If you asked most people, I am extremely confident we are just as split on this question as we are on matters like political parties or gun control. A considerable amount of the population will tell you that they turn to sports as an escape from the world and its problems.The other camp will say that athletes should take advantage of their platform and to be an advocate for causes that are important to them.

Michael Jordan drew a lot of criticism throughout his career for not expressing his political ideologies or even acting as a proponent of racial equality. His response to this criticism was always simple and diplomatic, in that he never wanted to alienate anyone who would potentially buy his shoes.

Following an extremely divisive presidential election, more professional athletes, coaches, and commentators have felt compelled to voice their opinion. Much like the result of Colin Kaepernick’s protests, the reactions have been very mixed and we are very much at a crossroad of determining the largest purpose of sports and those on the big stage.

It is a longstanding tradition for teams winning a championship to visit the White House and meet the President of the United States.  As of week following the game, six members of the New England Patriots have made it known that they do not plan to make the trip, citing their opposition to Donald Trump.    

It’s not a secret that several Americans oppose Donald Trump. Yet not all Americans have the platform that professional athletes do. Naturally, athletes’ opinions are going to be heard by more people. Most athletes are conscious of it and use it as an opportunity to express their feelings on matters much bigger than sports. The Patriots players took to Twitter to explain their motives behind boycotting a visit to the White House.

To say the reaction has been split would be an understatement. Those who support the message are cheering on the athletes for taking a stand while another section of the population is giving the “Stick to sports” response. The “Stick to sports” has become an increasingly more common reaction to those in the sports world who have utilized their platform to make political statements.

These are clearly the fans that want sports to be a distraction or recess from the real world. Feeling that way is completely understandable. But going back to Muhammad Ali refusing to fight in the Vietnam War in 1967, several athletes have utilized their platform for a variety of reasons non-sports related. In 2017, that trend does not appear to be slowing down at all.

While most people turn to sports for the distraction, they’ll have to come to grips with knowing that the days of sports being completely removed from society and its problems are long gone. In the tug of war between “Platform vs Distraction”, platform has pulled ahead in 2017.

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Players Who Sucked This Week


The Atlanta Falcons historic collapse. That is all.



Antti Raanta, Steve Mason, Jared Coreau all have one thing in common with January 31 – losing and giving up too many goals. Jean-Francois Berube was just as bad, but on Saturday night.

Mike Condon gave up 11 goals in three games, defeating the Lightning because Vasilevskiy let five go by.

Frederik Andersen started out the week rough by giving up three goals on eight shots, and couldn’t get back on track with his 16 allowed in the next three games. Shout out to Curtis McElhinney for also giving up three goals to start the week, then never making another appearance.

That kinda week for the Leafs.

That kind of week for the Leafs.

Tuukka Rask ended the week with a .789 SV% which makes him the worst of the week in that category. To put salt in the wound, he was pulled in Saturday night’s contest halfway through the 2nd period after four goals given up on 14 shots.

Devan Dubnyk averaged 4 GA in two games, splitting the contests with a win and loss. Ryan Miller one-upped him by allowing an average of 5 per game, and lost both. Sergei Bobrovsky is a nice mix of both, with 4 GAA and two losses.

Kari Lehtonen started the week off quite well, but gave up four in each of his last two games to finish the week 1-2.



Domantas Sabonis started off decent going 5-11 from the field (but almost fouling out), then made two of his next 21 shots, which includes missing all five three-point attempts.

"...but I swear I'm shooting for the hoop!"

“…but I swear I’m shooting for the hoop!”

Cameron Payne wasn’t too hot coming off the bench, with a FG% of .258 and 3P% of .200.

Patrick Beverley was not a scoring threat this week, averaging 32 MPG and only taking 26 shots, eight of which went in.

Trevor Ariza was atrocious against the Hawks, shooting 1-12 from the field (1-10 3P). He was slightly better in his other two games.

Iman Shumpert looked more like Slumpert this week shooting 5-18 from the field, including 4-14 from long range.



Monta Ellis was just off this week – .250 FG%, 0-2 three-pointers, .444 FT%. That’s all.


Players Who Sucked Again

None since I let them off the hook last week due to the All-Star “games”. And me being lazy.


Dishonorable Mentions

Caris LeVert shot great in his first game, but then went 1-9 against the Pacers. But does it really matter when you’re on the Nets?

Arron Afflalo didn’t necessarily suck this week, but you can’t say you’d want him on your starting fantasy roster when you look at his last three games.

Justin Holiday was up-and-down this week, following up a horrible shooting performance with a good one. He ended up with a .333 FG% and .250 3P%.

Thomas Greiss played well in his first game, but gave up five in each of his final two games.


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Stats week of 1/31-2/6


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