The Timing of Andrew Luck’s Retirement

I am shocked by the news of the Andrew Luck retirement. I am sure there is so much we don’t know. So I won’t even get into the reasons or try to speculate. I have my theories. But, what is on my mind is the timing of it. We knew he was dealing with an injury and his Week One status was up in the air. We also know he has previously missed an entire season for an injury that still has some suspect details. 

But the timing is bizarre within the context of his career. Basically, since Luck was drafted in 2012, the Colts received a lot of criticism for not building a better team around him. The criticism was very fair. They especially struggled to draft and develop an offensive line that would better protect him. 

That is not the case entering 2019. The Colts are good. They have an up and coming defense with playmakers, a strong offensive line, a good receiving core, and solid running back group. Indy was entering the season as legitimate Super Bowl contenders. I was pretty confident in their chances to at least reach the AFC Championship Game, if not win it. 

You have to figure this has to do very little if anything to do with football. Well, it could be a cause of football. We are starting to see more and more NFL players retiring earlier than they used to. In this case, it had to be something major for Luck to walk away from the best team he has ever had just weeks before the season started. 

Oh, the money? He walked away from $12.8 million over the next two years. But, I guess that doesn’t matter as much when you’ve already banked about $97 million. 

Speaking of money, if you were quick enough to place the Colts under 9.5 wins bet, I applaud you. It’s currently 6, and am intrigued by the over. The Colts are still a decent team, even without Andrew Luck.

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