Players Who Sucked This Week


Donovan Williams completed less than 50% of his passes, threw 3 interceptions, and lost a fumble on the way to leading his Huskies to a shutout loss against Boston College. Tyler Jones of Texas State performed similarly, throwing 3 interceptions en route to a 40 point blowout by New Mexico State.

The Lions’ and Browns’ running attack were atrocious. Detroit averaged less than 1 yard per carry against the Jags. Cleveland is, well, just being themselves.browns-rings

Brandon Silvers had his worst game of the season against conference opponent Arkansas State. Three turnovers led to Troy’s first conference loss – they’ll need some help to win the Sun Belt now.

Shaun Wilson coughed up two fumbles which would lead to 14 Pitt points. Averaging 1.4 yards per carry didn’t help the offense either as it had to rely on their QB for production. The loss effectively ended Duke’s hopes of bowling.

Glen Cuillette was terrible yet again. He completed 3 passes in 12 attempts for a whopping 17 yards. He only had one turnover, but was the proper leader for a Tulane offense that couldn’t get on the scoreboard.


Jonas Gustavsson played in just his third game of the season, and it was “third time’s a charm” to make my list. He let his Oilers down against the Kings last Thursday, quadrupling his goals against total for the season.

Marek Mazanec started his second game this year, and had a similar poor performance. His first start on October 15 allowed 5 goals (.815 SV%) and on November 15 was 6 goals (.816 SV%). Both resulted in a loss, but the Predators let him stay on the ice for 60 minutes this time.

Corey Crawford is one of the winningest goalies of the last 10 years with 2 Stanley Cup championships, but was not himself this past week. Yes he beat the Flames, but conceded 9 goals to the Oilers and Jets in losing fashion – he was even pulled midway through the third period against the Jets.

Jacob Markstrom gave up 13 goals, including a 7-goal blowout to the Rangers. He split the OT games with a win and loss, and finished the week with an .860 SV%.

Al Montoya played in one game and allowed 3 goals to get by him. He’s now lost the last three games he’s started, this being to one of the worst teams in the league.

Stats week 11/15-21


Malcolm Delaney shot .250 from the field, missed all his 3 point attempts, and turned the ball over 9 times. C’mon man!

The Flop King in action.

Marcus Smart didn’t play like his name suggests, making 9 of 34 shots with 10 turnovers. Not to mention he’s the flop king of the NBA. Step aside Lebron!

Georges Niang whiffed on every shot, missing all 11 he took. Aron Baynes wasn’t much better, making just one basket in 11 attempts. Dwight Powell should thank Niang and Baynes for shooting worse than him – he only made 2 out of 21 shots.

Ricky Rubio has been a star, but not this week. He shot under .200 from the field, adding 9 turnovers and 10 fouls to his stat line.

Robert Covington and Marvin Williams both shot below .200, terribly from 3-point range, and each had 9 fouls. Covington couldn’t hit a free throw, going 4-8 in Dwight Howard fashion.

Courtney Lee and Tyler Johnson were terrible shooting twins, making 10 of 34 field goals. Johnson edged him by committing more turnovers and fouls.

Stats week 11/15-21

Players Who Sucked Again

Brian Elliott should hit up DJ Khaled on how to win, because all this washed-up guy has done the last 6 games is lose. He’s become a regular on my list, and I might make an e-throne for him to sit on.

Rutgers failed to score AGAIN. This is the fourth time this season, and second time they consecutively couldn’t score a point. If they are shut out next week, I will start a petition to demote them to a lower conference.

Keon Howard of Southern Miss was a dishonorable mention last week, but earned his spot this week: four turnovers and a 38% completion rate. Injuries have caused the Golden Eagles to become desperate at quarterback, and they have gone with this freshman the last 2 games without any luck.

Dishonorable Mentions

Jalen Ramsey cried after the Jags 5th straight loss. I know your team blew a late lead, but to cry after a regular season game that had no meaning? Grow up and take off your diaper.

James Reimer let up 6 goals against the Maple Leafs, but redeemed himself by holding off the Rangers in a shootout.

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