Players Who Sucked This Week


Greg Windham was definitely the reason why Ohio lost their bowl game. His five turnovers were the difference in a 5-point loss to Troy.

Kyle Shurmur of Vandy joins Greg as the only guys on this week’s list. He was unvandycraigslist-650x342der 50% passing completion including three picks.

Not a lot of terrible football was played in the NFL this week. The Jets were terrible yet again (see below) but no single player was absolutely bad. The Texans-Bengals was pretty boring and the Broncos’ offense is weak, but that’s as much as I’ll say about that. Good job NFL guys, you earned that overpaid salary!


Petr Mrazek came in when Jimmy Howard went down with an injury, and couldn’t get the job done.

Antti Raanta let up seven goals to the Penguins last Tuesday, then assisted his teammate Henrik Lundqvist on Friday en route to losing to the Wild 4-7.

Mike Smith racked up two losses in two starts this week, allowing 7 goals in those games.

Anders Nilsson started one game, and that’s about all you’d wanna see out of him. Five goals allowed to the Islanders led to a big loss.




Rodney Hood made just one shot in 11 attempts, and missed all 7 three-point attempts. Stanley Johnson was also pretty bad from the floor, going 2-11 while committing 6 fouls. Chandler Parsons didn’t make a single 3-ball, and shot under .200 from the field.

Dorian Finney-Smith played worse when he logged 30+ minutes, especially when he couldn’t make a single shot against the Clippers (0-8 FG).

Rajon Rondo has been a household name since his days in Boston, but he’ll be another player who sucked this week. Rondo shot .242 from the floor, .222 from beyond the arc, committed 7 fouls, and turned the ball over 13 times, all in four games. Maybe next week he’ll get back on it.

"I did what?!"

“I did what?!”

Tyreke Evans was terrible coming off the bench unless he was shooting free throws. Maybe you should draw some more fouls buddy.

Jaylen Brown has a sweet flattop, too bad it couldn’t translate to a better shooting percentage this week.

Glenn Robinson III logged 33.3 MPG but only made one shot each game…in 21 attempts.

Mirza Teletovic played worse as the week went on, missing his final 9 three-pointers. He missed all 9 shots on Friday before taking a hard fall.

Matthew Dellavedova gets paid way too much, and I don’t mind exposing him for being a crappy basketball player. Sure he can dish the ball, but a .241 FG% ain’t gonna cut it. Start earning that salary young man.

Players Who Sucked Again

Petty & the Jets sucked again, getting blown out by the Patriots. Bryce missed on all three pass attempts with an interception, and Fitzpatrick wasn’t much better. What a disastrous season for these guys.


Matt Barkley turned the ball over at home way too many times again. Five interceptions won’t help any team win a game, let alone come close.

Pekka Rinne is in a serious slump. The only game he played in this week ended 0-4 against the Kings. Chad Johnson returns after another poor weekly performance, albeit only one game. He wasn’t too good in that one game. He lost. Ryan Miller continues to play like a Canuck, losing his lone start against the Jets.

Andrew Harrison is basketball’s first three-peat! Man this guy needs to get it together.

Dishonorable Mentions

The Chargers are the only team (so far) to lose to the Browns this year. Way to be those guys.


The Rams offense sucks so much that I don’t feel like putting them in the above category again. Their offense needs some serious work this offseason.

Cory Schneider started three games this past week. In two of those, he let up 5 and 4 goals with the obvious losses. But he shutout the Flyers last Thursday. Then again it was only 16 shots. His team should try to allow less opportunities for the opponent so can play up to his professional standards.

Matt Murray started two games where 7 goals were scored by the winner. He was on the losing side last Thursday where he was pulled after allowing 6 in 2+ periods of “work”.

Semyon Varlamov lost both of his starts, but he stopped 31 of 33 shots against the Wild last Tuesday. He’s allowed to point the finger at his teammates for that one.

Stats week of 12/20-26


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