Most Anticipated NBA Season in…Decades?

The NBA season kicked off tonight. I cannot recall being as excited for a season as I am for the 2019-2020 campaign. As much as that can be attributed to my beloved Sixers being legitimate title contenders, I have just as much enthusiasm for where the league is as a whole. 

Instead of giving a generic list of “what to watch for”, I can simplify it for everyone ranging to the true hoop heads to the borderline casuals. This is arguably the first time in multiple decades where we enter the season without a clear-cut favorite or a limited list of 3-4 teams that have a realistic shot at winning the NBA title. That has very much been the reality of the NBA for a very long time. 

The NBA has historically been a very top-heavy league in comparison to the other major sports. I have to wonder if there is a connection to it being the first league to embrace tanking, but that is a story for a different day. 

In recent years, and specifically during Lebron James’ second act with the Cleveland Cavaliers, it was virtually a foregone conclusion in October that they would be meeting the Golden State Warriors that June in the NBA Finals. It was so predictable that you couldn’t get even odds on a Cleveland/Golden State preseason futures wager. It took Lebron leaving the conference altogether last summer for the East to send a Lebron-less team to the Finals for the first time since 2010. 

But that is not the case this season. You could make a legitimate argument for at least eight different teams to hoist the Larry O’Brien Trophy this upcoming. According to Bovada, there are eight teams that have title odds shorter than +2000, or 20-1. 

Lakers +300
Clippers +333
Bucks +575
76ers +750
Rockets +850
Warriors +900
Jazz +1300
Nuggets +1800

An argument could be made for the Celtics if they were to make an in-season trade for a star. But at this point, it looks like a two-horse race in the East. Turn to the West, there are six true contenders. So, how did this happen? How did the NBA magically become more open? 

The answer is not that complicated, especially if you have been paying attention to the offseason. This was one of the most active offseasons in many years. But it wasn’t active like the spending frenzy of 2016 when average players were handed out lavish contracts, accented by Kevin Durant’s decision to join the already historically great Warriors. Instead, we had a heavy dose of player movement, which some could suggest was the apex of the “Player Empowerment Era”. 

There has never been another offseason in which so many high-profile players changed teams:

Anthony Davis (Pelicans to Lakers)
Kawaii Leonard (Raptors to Clippers)
Jimmy Butler (76ers to Heat)
Kyrie Irving (Celtics to Nets)
Kevin Durant (Warriors to Nets)
D’angelo Russell (Nets to Warriors)
Paul George (Thunder to Clippers)
Chris Paul (Rockets to Thunder)
Russell Westbrook (Thunder to Rockets)
Al Horford (Celtics to 76ers)
Kemba Walker (Hornets to Celtics)

Amongst the flurry of activity, there was a common theme that stuck out to me. The talent is much more spread around the league than it has been in a while. A few years ago, you might have these players team in up in threes, forming multiple super teams. Instead, we are entering a season of super duos. 

If this offseason followed old trends, we could have seen new super teams like Lebron James, Anthony Davis and Kemba Walker on the Lakers or what about the idea of Kyrie Irving, Kawaii Leonard and Paul George on the Clippers. 

I think just about everyone outside of Los Angeles and ESPN HQ is very grateful that it didn’t happen.

Instead of only a couple of teams led by a few superstars, we are entering a season with several teams led by two stars and stronger supporting casts. If not already obvious, that equates to a much more balanced league. A more balanced league means a more competitive and enjoyable regular season. 

The NBA regular season has been deemed practically meaningless in recent years. In a season with so many more contenders jockeying for playoff seeding, that definitely will not be the case. 

This should naturally lead to a more compelling Playoffs or at least one that gets interesting far before the Conference Finals. Just think about the potential scenarios…

What if the Warriors, missing Klay Thompson, grab the 6th or 7th seed. Would a tested team like that not give a scare to the Lakers, Clippers or Rockets in the first round? When it comes to a team very familiar with each other against a talented team still trying to figure out how to play with one another, I like the odds for at least a fun first round. 

How about the prospects of the Heat, who recently acquired Jimmy Butler, facing a Celtics team that will have an interesting new look after replacing Kyrie Irving with Kemba Walker. 

Obviously there are more compelling matchup possibilities in later rounds…an all-LA series, Sixers/Bucks featuring a battle between Joel Embiid and Giannis Antetokounmpo, and eventually a very fun NBA Finals between the teams that managed to make it through what should be much tougher roads than usual. 

Either way, it’s definitely going to be a lot of fun to watch. 


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Players Who Sucked This Week

There’s a million baseballers on this week’s list again. Okay not a million but still too many to count.



What happened to the Senators on Sunday? All playoff games were close this past week except for the bludgeoning the Penguins gave them last night. Other than that, what we’ve seen from the the NHL playoffs thus far should make for an awesome Stanley Cup Final.



Danny Green went 5-18 from the field and shot .200 from long range. But would it really matter if he played better? Nope! The Warriors are still going to the Finals.

Matt Barnes shot .143 from the floor and missed all three-point attempts. Another bench-sitting player dude named Deron Williams wasn’t much better, shooting .182 from the field.

Both the Celtics and Cavaliers get a mention for being blown out by 44 points and blowing a huge lead, respectively.



Jered Weaver should consider retirement or the Padres need to cut him. He didn’t make it out of the first inning Friday night before giving up seven runs on five hits and two walks. Heck, even the opposing pitcher had an RBI and run scored in the first inning. He’s now 0-5 with a 7.44 ERA for the season.

Tommy Milone had two rough starts last week – he combined for 12 earned runs, four home runs, and five walks in eight total innings. He also earned his first two losses of the season.

The following guys pitched one game and that’s probably all the coach wanted to see: Ian Kennedy, Julio Teheran, Chris Heston, AJ Griffin, Julio Urías, Josh Tomlin, Zach Eflin, Scott Feldman, Jason Hammel, and Tom Koehler.

Chris Young added to Ian Kennedy’s terrible Sunday start, giving up three more runs in five innings of “relief” work.

Yovani Gallardo and Dillon Overton gave up 14 earned runs to the White Sox in 8 innings. Yikes!

“I’ll never figure out these guys”

Jarlin Garcia was a great relief pitcher if you were on the Astros or Dodgers. He gave up five runs in 3 ⅔ innings of work, boosting his ERA from 3.00 to 5.02.

Masahiro Tanaka let Yankees fans and this fantasy owner down. But I’m not too mad since it was against my Rays.

Mike Bolsinger started and lost two games last week, giving up nine earned runs in as many innings.

Mike Montgomery might’ve been the worst reliever of the week. In two games he allowed five runs in less than three innings while walking four batters. He was credited with the loss in the latter game. Enny Romero gave him a run for his money as the worst. Jose Alvarez, David Hernandez, Blake Wood, Donnie Hart, and Giovanni Gallegos are also here to join the terrible relief party.

Tanner Roark was not like himself last Thursday, surrendering seven runs in five innings. He even nearly upped his ERA a full point!

Oliver Perez had two relief appearances where he didn’t even record an out. Talk about being expendable.

Michael Ynoa appeared in just one game but it’s one he’ll want to forget (four runs and only one out). His teammate Anthony Swarzak joins him after giving up three runs without an out in his last appearance.

Junichi Tazawa and Brad Ziegler were both terrible last Monday. I got nothing clever to go with that.

Ryan Goins was the worst hitter of the week, going 1-23 from the plate with eight strikeouts. His teammate Darwin Barney cut it close by going 2-23. Adam Rosales was slightly better than both as he went 2-22 but then he had to strike out 12 times so now I don’t know who the worst hitter is.

Goins trying to figure out what went wrong.

Tuffy Gosewisch went 1-13 at the plate and struck out eight times. He was then demoted to triple-A. Justin Ruggiano was also terrible in 13 at-bats, dropping his BA by 36 points and striking out eight times as well.

TJ Rivera had a stunning .091 BA for the week but somehow managed to get an RBI.

Joe Panik got his act together by the end of the week, but still hit .111 in five games.

Luis Valbuena went without a hit in 17 at-bats but also had an RBI. His BA plummeted from .265 to .176.

Jace Peterson hit .125 for the somehow-second-place-Braves with nine K’s.


Dishonorable Mentions

Joe Musgrove is hit or miss. Should I drop him from my fantasy team? I’m leaning yes.

Chad Kuhl had a terrible Tuesday but bounced back yesterday against the Phillies.

Marc Andre-Fleury shutout the Senators last Monday, then allowed four goals on nine shots Wednesday before being pulled in the first period.


Got anyone to add? Write ‘em in the comments.


*Stats week of May 15-21


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Players Who Sucked This Week

I’m back after forgetting to do last week’s list, and there are a ton of baseball players on the list. Like what-the-heck-happened-to-these-players-last-week a ton.



Craig Anderson let up 11 goals in three games last week, losing two of them. With a .867 SV% in those three starts, he’s the lone hockey player on this week’s list.

The Oilers’ defense allowed 64 shots against Talbot Friday night and lost in double overtime; eight Anaheim skaters had 5 or more shots on goal. They got it together last night, beating the Ducks to force Game 7.



There weren’t any consistently terrible performers last week except some guy Dejounte Murray. Of note, Harden went 3-17 from the field in Wednesday’s loss to the Spurs.



Nick Tepesch didn’t last two innings before allowing 7 runs against the Red Sox Friday night.

The face you make after the two worst outings of your career.

Brett Anderson was any-word-you-can-think-of awful on the mound last week. In two starts he didn’t last two total innings, gave up 12 runs on 13 hits, and was credited with two losses. His ERA jumped from 3.54 to 8.18. This is mean, but maybe it’s a good thing he’s currently on the DL.

Jered Weaver is just terrible this year. No really, check out his game log.

Matt Belisle and Justin Haley combined for 10 runs in the 9th inning Sunday afternoon, 7 of them earned. The Twins ended up losing 17-6 instead of a respectable 7-6.

Mike Foltynewicz, Kyle Gibson, Alex Meyer, Kyle Kendrick, Nick Martínez, Trevor Bauer, Jameson Taillon, Mat Latos, Matt Moore, Marcus Stroman and Ian Kennedy all had a crappy start last week. They didn’t help any fantasy owners.

Ty Blach got his second start after a solid outing against the Padres (well duh), and really messed it up. Like three innings, 11 hits, eight earned runs, two homers, and a walk messed up.

Miguel Diaz was every hitter’s dream come true last week. In three appearances he pitched 2 ⅔ innings, gave up 10 total runs on seven hits, and walked four guys. His ERA is now 10.67.

Matt Cain pitched atrocious last Friday. I think he may have celebrated the Mexican holiday before the game because how else do you rationalize 10 hits, nine runs, and six walks in 3 ⅓ innings of work?

Basically sums up Cain’s career post-2013.

Brad Ziegler made two appearances and lost both. The worse one came Friday night when he gave up five runs without getting a batter out and the Marlins lost 8-7. Maybe he went out with Cain.

Luke Gregerson wasn’t quite as bad as Ziegler overall, but consistently sucked in both appearances. He allowed five runs between the two games, gave up five hits, but escaped both without a loss.

Cesar Valdez nearly matched Sonny Gray’s box score last Tuesday with five hits, four runs, and three home runs…except Valdez did it in one inning instead of six.

Austin Pruitt screwed up Blake Snell’s last start, giving up five runs on seven hits in the 6th inning which led to the Marlins beating the Rays at home.

Josh Collmenter helped contribute to three losses for the Braves last week, giving up six runs over four innings of relief work. But who’s worse was Matt Wisler, giving up seven runs in less than two innings.

Dylan Covey gave up six runs in each of his starts, had a WHIP of 2.16, and lost both.

Abraham Almonte, Chris Heisey, and Austin Hedges all went hitless last week. Yup, not even one basehit.

Danny Espinosa also went hitless, but his streak goes back to April 28. His season BA sits at .147.

What did Matt Wieters, Carlos Gonzalez, Christian Vazquez, Kelby Tomlinson, Jackie Bradley Jr., Ryan Flaherty, Yasmany Tomas, and Russell Martin all have in common last week? Getting just one hit in 10 or more at bats.

Carlos Gomez and Shin-Soo Choo both managed four hits in 25+ at bats last week.

Steven Souza Jr. collected two hits in 17 at-bats, struck out seven times, and dropped his average 27 points in the slumping process. The Rays season looks pretty similar to his stat line.

Jason Heyward hasn’t improved much from last year, and he only got worse in his last five games going 1-13.


Dishonorable Mentions

Jeremy Hellickson wasn’t awful but really didn’t pitch that great in two starts. He didn’t make it through the 5th inning in both and gave up nine runs in nearly as many innings.

John Gibson played well in his first two starts winning both against the Oilers, but then allowed three goals on six attempts to start yesterday’s game. Jonathan Bernier didn’t help by allowing two more in the first, then another two before they lost 7-1.


Got anyone to add? Write ‘em in the comments.


Stats week of May 1-7


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Players Who Sucked This Week

This should have been posted yesterday but I had a brief episode of amnesia and forgot I wrote this til now. Better late than never!



The Blackhawks and Flames get the nod for getting swept in the first round of the playoffs.

That feeling when you get swept.

That feeling when you get swept.

Brian Elliott let up six goals on 30 shots, including two on only three shots in Wednesday’s sweeping loss to the Ducks. I’m still confused how the Flames (and Maple Leafs) made the playoffs.

Sergei Bobrovsky was not impressive in his two final playoff games, giving up nine goals with a .857 SV% in those contests.

Braden Holtby and Frederik Andersen both made their opposing skaters look good. The Capitals-Leafs series was a shootout with only one game not going into overtime. The Caps now face the Penguins and will not make it past them if Holtby continues to let shots go by.



The Pacers set the record for biggest blown lead in the playoffs (26 pts). Then they lost Sunday and were swept by Cavaliers. If it’s any consolation, they lost the series by a combined 16 points.

I bet you clicked that.

I bet you tried to click that.

Manu Ginobili missed every single field goal attempt in the 2017 playoffs thus far. He’s got at least two more games to make up for it.

Markieff Morris nearly fouled out in the last two games he’s played in and shot .294 from the field.

Mike Muscala only made one shot in seven attempts, and nearly fouled out Wednesday.



The Padres had some plain bad luck last Tuesday night. First their pitcher Cosart bunted the ball with men on first and second; the catcher snagged the ball and threw out the lead runner. Then in the following inning the D-backs scored on a 2-out, bases loaded walk. Then Chris Owings BUNTED the ball,Stammen bobbled the ball and made a throwing error which led to two more runs. The Padres ended up losing 11-2. It might be one of those years for ‘em.

This is the face of an 0-20 guy.

This is the face of an 0-20 guy.

Jeff Mathis is hitless in his last 20 at bats, striking out in half of them. Luckily for the D-backs he isn’t the starting catcher.

JaCoby Jones couldn’t reach base in 14 plate appearances this week, striking out nine times. Not to mention he got hit in the face by a pitch. This was not a good week for him. Marwin Gonzalez also went 0-14 but drew three walks. This lack of hitting has dropped his average 135 points in the last ten games. Cody Asche went 0-10 this week with half being strikeouts. His season average is a tragic .057 as of now. What’s with all these guys with the donut stats?

Dansby Swanson went 3-28 last week with a season average of .139. The former first overall pick is off to a poor start.

Kevin Gausman is making me regret drafting him. He’s given up 13 combined runs in his last two starts over eight innings. His season ERA sits at 7.50 with a WHIP of 2.04. He better get back on track.

Kyle Gibson continues to underwhelm the Minnesota fan base with his lackluster pitching. He lost both starts with a combined nine earned runs, 17 hits, and four walks. He’s 0-3 with a 9.00 ERA to start the year.

Twins fans can relate.

Twins fans can relate.

I picked up Cody Reed after he pitched eight shutout innings prior to his first start. Then naturally he gives up seven runs in just two innings. That sucks for both of us.

Julio Teheran had just one start but gave up as many runs as that Reed fella above him. But he lasted two more innings. So he wasn’t quite as bad as Reed.

Rafael Montero outsucked both Reed and Teheran; he gave up three runs in only a third of an inning. He was then sent down to the Minors.


Dishonorable Mentions

Cam Talbot allowed five goals last Tuesday, but stopped 50 of the next 54 shots he faced.


Got anyone to add? Write ‘em in the comments.


Stats week of 4/17-23


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Players Who Sucked This Week


Jeremy Guthrie has a 135 ERA after giving up ten runs and not making it out of the first inning…on his birthday! He was then demoted to the minors. He takes the crown as Worst of the Week. And Most Unlucky.


Miguel Cabrera got off to a terrible start but finally got a hit in yesterday’s game. I picked him in the first round so I’m gonna need some production out of him next week.

Brent Suter allowed four runs, four hits, and two walks in one inning against the Cubs on Saturday. Then got optioned to Triple-A. Ouch.

Jarrett Parker, Austin Hedges, Jacob May, and Russell Martin all had one thing in common at the plate – zero hits. They combined to go 0-56, but somehow drove in 4 runs and scored 3 of their own.

Jose Reyes, Keon Broxton and Mark Canha got one hit each. But they weren’t quite as bad as Greg Bird and Kirk Nieuwenhuis who struck out a combined 15 times.

You like that Parker/Hedges/May/Martin?!

You like that Parker-Hedges-May-Martin?!

Byron Buxton continues to have trouble hitting in the majors, striking out 14 times in his first 26 at bats of the season.

Masahiro Tanaka, Francisco Liriano, Bronson Arroyo, AJ Griffin, Matthew Boyd, and Raul Alcantara all had rough starts to the season.

Christian Bethancourt has been awful in relief for the Padres. Then again, the Padres are awful. To put it in numbers, Bethancourt has given up 7 runs in 1 ⅔ innings of work (ERA 32.40), 5.40 WHIP, and batters are hitting .375 against him.

Matt Strahm may have given up less runs in successive games, but his ERA is 47.25, WHIP is 7.50, and he hasn’t struck out one batter. He won’t last long with the Royals at this rate.

Casey Fien and Edwin Diaz totally blew yesterday’s game in Anaheim. Seattle was up 9-3 going into the bottom of the 9th. So yes, they ended up losing 10-9.

Sam Dyson has been a fantasy player’s nightmare. Following a stellar 2016 season, the Rangers’ closer has given up 8 runs in 3 games thus far. His ERA stands at 36.00 and he’s been credited with two blown saves.

sam dyson

It’s been a rough start for Dyson.



Brian Elliott ended his season the same way he started it – three straight losses.

Calvin Pickard lost three of his last four starts to close out his team’s abysmal campaign. He gave up 14 goals in those games, and Colorado ends their season as the worst team of the 2016-17 NHL season.

2017-2018 slogan

2017-2018 slogan

The Blackhawks defense allowed 51 shots last Tuesday against the Avalanche; props to Scott Darling for saving 47 of them. And Corey Crawford ended the regular season on a 3-game losing streak.

Corey Schneider lost his last five games of the season, allowing 11 in his last two. The Devils finish as the worst team in the Eastern Conference.



Justin Jackson missed all nine three-pointers he took. That’s gonna hurt his draft stock.

justin jackson

Dorian Finney-Smith has shot .235 over the last 5 games, making just one three-pointer in 15 attempts. Quincy Acy shot worse overall (.222) but made more three-pointers. One more to be exact.

Michael Carter-Williams is the only shooter under .200 this week. I take that back, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope also shot under .200. But he has the longest name on this week’s list. And he missed all seven three-point attempts.

Denzel Valentine went downhill after shooting 50% from the field in last Sunday’s game in New Orleans. Over the next three games, he missed 12 of 13 shots, including 7 of 8 three-pointers.


Dishonorable Mentions

Robin Lehner was mostly responsible for his Sabres’ back-to-back 4-2 losses to start the week, but stopped 65 of 69 shots in his next two starts. The Sabres finished the season as the second-worst team in the East.

Jhoulys Chacin allowed 9 runs in his first start to the Dodgers, then bounced back with a scoreless outing against the Giants for his first win.

Luke Gregerson dgregorsonidn’t allow a run in his first three appearances. So of course he gave up six runs on five hits and a walk Saturday afternoon against the Royals.

Mark Melancon started the season by blowing his first save opportunity, but then redeemed himself in yesterday’s contest.

Shawn Armstrong pitched a total of two scoreless innings to start the 2017 season, then got rocked in Arizona for five runs in an inning of work.

It took Brandon Moss four games to get a hit, and it was the only way he knew how – a homerun.



Got anyone to add? Write ‘em in the comments.


Stats week of 4/2-9


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Players Who Sucked This Week


Curtis McElhinney played in just one game and contributed to his team’s 7-2 loss in Miami. Antti Niemi was worse, allowing five goals en route to a 7-1 loss in Edmonton. Jeremy Smith also gets a nod for losing his only start. And let’s not leave Chad Johnson out, he gave up four goals in a losing effort to the Bruins. Try again next week fellas.

one done

Matt Murray was consistent…ly bad when he gave up four goals in each game this past week. But one turned into a win. Better thank your teammates for that one.

Andrei Vasilevskiy started off winning in Ottawa, but allowed four goals in each of his next two games – in front of his home crowd.

Tuukka Rask was responsible for both of his team’s losses last week. He was pulled against the Oilers after giving up five goals just minutes into the second period, then suffered a loss last night in Toronto.

Keith Kincaid and Cory Schneider were both off this week, giving up a combined 10 goals with a 1-2 record.

Devan Dubnyk lost all four games in regulation, but he also faced 114 shots. Where was the defense? Too bad St. Patty’s already passed otherwise he’d have a reason to forget last week.



Danny Green was off his shooting game again, going 2-10 from long range with an overall .214 FG%.

Green needs to do a lot more of this to get back on track.

Green needs to do a lot more of this to get back on track.

Stanley Johnson might’ve been the worst shooter of the bunch – .111 FG% and .125 3P%. No wonder he’s a bench player.

Mario Hezonja missed all six three-point attempts, shot 33% from the foul line, and missed all four shots in last night’s OT win.

Dude no one is gonna want to see you if you keep shooting this bad.

Dude no one is gonna want to see you if you keep shooting this bad.

Gerald Henderson went 4-17 from the field and hurt his season FT% going 8-13 from the line.

Evan Turner made his return to the court, but it was anything but spectacular. A .235 FG% and whiffing on every three-pointer shows how rusty his game is. Remember when this guy was supposed to be the next superstar?

Raymond Felton had a trend in four games – make a shot or two, then miss all attempts. In those games, he shot .176 from the field and missed all five three-point attempts. Terry Rozier had a similar on/off week, but shot .233 from the field overall. It’s okay, you can say he sucked less than Felton.

Hold on defense! I got this! You know I'll miss!

Hold on defense! I got this! You know I’ll miss!

Darren Collison played alright against the Thunder Saturday, but was atrocious shooting the ball in the following game.

Devin Booker shot .213 in both games last week, but missed both long range shots on St. Patty’s Day. Blame the green beer.


Dishonorable Mentions

Steve Mason started with a shutout against the Penguins, but then allowed seven goals between his next two games. He ended with a 2-1 record and .897 SV%.

Calvin Pickard defeated the Red Wings 3-1 at home last Wednesday, then lost the rematch Saturday in Detroit 1-5.

Kari Lehtonen was on/off this week – he followed up a terrible loss with a win, lost again, then ended the week with a shutout. What’s with all these on/off athletes?

Jonathan Quick and Ben Bishop both followed up a decent game with a poor one – in the same game. They each gave up two goals on Sunday which led to a 5-2 loss in Calgary. Bishop continues to lose since being traded to the Kings. Can’t say that us Lightning fans miss him.


Got anyone to add? Write ’em in the comments.

Stats week of 3/14-20

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Players Who Sucked This Week


Jeremy Smith lost in all three appearances this past week, allowing 8 goals on 62 shots (.871 SV%). His support squad was equally bad, scoring only one goal in those three games.

Juuse Saros lost in his lone start this week, letting four different Blackhawks score against him.

Peter Budaj was anything but impressive in his first start for the Lightning. Giving up four goals is not how you impress your new teammates and fan base. Ben Bishop was also bad for his new team, losing both games and giving up six goals. Curtis McElhinney had very similar stats as Budaj in one start, but has been on the Maples Leafs all season. They already know he’s not that good.

bishop trade

Darcy Kuemper ain’t bring his A-game against the Jets last week, giving up five goals on 24 shots then getting pulled halfway through the third period.

Thomas Greiss was too inconsistent to not make this list. He beat the Stars despite four goals allowed, lost to the Blackhawks in a shootout, then lost again after allowing four goals in the first period to the Flames. He was of course pulled from that last game after that atrocious start.



Rodney Stuckey should’ve passed the ball more after making only one shot on 11 attempts. He also missed both free throws. Time to put in some practice hours. Trey Lyles also made just one shot, but on 13 attempts, and whiffed on all four three-point attempts. But he did make one of two free throws. These guys rightfully head this week’s list of the worst shooters.







Giving them competition for worst shooter duo are Troy Daniels and Solomon Hill. Daniels went without a FG in three of his last four games, ending with a .188 FG%. His 3P% was even worse at .083. Hill finished the week with a .181 FG% and almost fouled out last Friday.

Patrick Patterson couldn’t shoot coming off the bench, posting a .222 FG% and .272 3P%.

Danny Green was way off his game this past week with a .250 FG% and .167 3P%, which he’s known for. Luckily for him being on the Spurs, they won all four games.

Mirza Teletovic didn’t help his team get three wins this week, shooting .222 from the field and .272 from long range. Stick to rebounding.

Lou Williams looks like he could be a blues singer and may want to consider picking up a new job after this past week. Actually leaving a good paying job like professional sports would be bad, but he’s gonna need to practice his shot after going 6-29 from the field.

Stanley Johnson shot exactly .200 from the field and long range. That is some consistently bad shooting.


Players Who Sucked Again

Mike Smith is back again! His SV% improved as the week went on (.714, .897, .943), but he ended with the same result each time – an L. That puts him at 16-20-6 for the season, which sadly mirrors how his Coyotes are playing.

That face you make when you're disappointed in yourself.

That face you make when you’re disappointed in yourself.

Dishonorable Mentions

Robin Lehner gave up 9 goals in three games, but ended the week with a .905 SV% since he faced 96 shots. Where were his defensemen?

Antti Niemi was solid in his first start defeating the Penguins at home, but then blew it when the Islanders came to town two days later. Eddie Lack did the complete opposite – he lost in overtime in Tampa Bay, then went to Glendale and beat the Coyotes.

Calvin Pickard played very well despite a 2-1 loss to the Senators, but then was pulled after giving up five goals in 29 minutes on Saturday.


Got anyone to add? Write ’em in the comments.


Stats week of 2/28-3/6


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Players Who Sucked This Week


Roberto Luongo goofed up in his only start this week, allowing four goals on 28 shots at home to the Flames. Mike Condon did nearly the same last night in Tampa (5 goals on 29 shots).

Michal Neuvirth has one good thing to point out about this week: he was consistent. In both starts (vs WSH, @ PIT), he lost and saved 25 of 29 shots. I don’t know if something like that has been done yet this year. Robin Lehner had one start, and also saved 25 of 29 shots. Terrible twins!6477c3428a51986fe415bf1537cb6d9c38dd6b8da7fb1fd194c104dfa2a1632e

Mike Smith was turrible in his only start, giving up six goals at home to the Blackhawks. Philipp Grubauer wasn’t much better, surrendering four to the PRedators.

Ryan Miller let four go by in his only start. He’s now lost four of his last five, and eight of the last ten. The Canucks must be praying for Markstrom to stay in good health.

Pekka Rinne shouldn’t get much credit for his two wins, but can take all the blame for last Tuesday’s loss to the Predators, giving up four goals in the first 25 minutes.

Devan Dubnyk lucked out last night, after giving up four goals for the second consecutive game.



Matthew Dellavedova and Ish Smith were the leading poop-shooters this week. Dellavedova shot .136 from the field and Smith was barely better at .171e32d2d3441a3110b81ec387ef20eb161c823b34a8982b561354939cce58cb89_16. Dellavedova missed all 11 three point attempts, Smith whiffed on both of his. Smith also almost fouled out Sunday night – that might’ve been a good thing considering the Pistons lost by six points.

Iman Shumpert looked like Slumpert again, shooting .227 from the field and .158 beyond the arc.

Yogi Ferrell had a FG% of .259, made three out of 13 three-point attempts, and committed six fouls.

Sergio Rodriguez was as bad as his Sixers – .222 FG% and .182 3P%. The point guard should stick to passing next week.


Players Who Sucked Again

Nick Young and Brandon Jennings make their first consecutive appearance on my list! Young only made two of 12 three point attempts, shot .235 from the floor, and is still known as Swaggy P. Jennings couldn’t shoot unless he was at the foul line, and nearly fouled out in one game. Will they pick it up and stay off the list next week? Now taking bets.


Dishonorable Mentions

Louis Domingue was bad in his first start this week in Dallas, then totally redeemed himself Sunday night. He was almost bad enough to make it on the list of those who sucked again. Lucky Louis.

Thomas Greiss and Jean-Francois Berube get the mention for combining to lose 7-0 in Columbus on Saturday.

Kari Lehtonen collected a nice win against the Coyotes, then blew it against the Bruins.


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Stats week of 2/21-27


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Players Who Sucked This Week

I’m back after slacking last week. With the NBA All-Star break over the weekend, the basketballers only had a few games to prove themselves – and I’m actually glad they did so I don’t have to write as much.



Thomas Greiss started off by being benched after giving up six goals, then beat his rivals, and went back to losing against the Devils – a 3.66 GAA and .865 SV% are his three-game averages.

This would've been a better look for Greiss.

This would’ve been a better look for Greiss.

Louis Domingue was a one-and-done, having five pucks go by in a losing effort to the Oilers. Same goes for Jacob Markstrom, except the Blues beat him. Add Andrei Vasilevskiy to this group as well, he lost in overtime to the Stars. And Keith Kinkaid. It was a bad week for the backups.

Peter Budaj improved his SV% as the week went on (.810, .880, .966), but still lost all three contests. And made it to my list.




Jerian Grant piggybacked off this teammates to two wins before the All-Star break with a .266 FG% and .222 3P%.

Damian Lillard played in one game, but it was enough to need a break from play; shooting below .160 is not the way to earn $24 million a year.

Nick Young was bad shooting from all over the field – 5-20 overall and 4-14 from long range. Brandon Ingram joins Swaggy P with a bad week himself (.214 FG%). I still wanna know why he ever used that nickname.

DeMar DeRozan was 5-19 from the field in both games this week, showing how consistently bad he can be.


It didn’t take long for Darrelle Revis to screw up in the offseason. He was recently charged with two counts aggravated assault, one count making terroristic threats, one count robbery, and one count conspiracy to commit aggravated assault. Here’s some extra information as it comes out for you to enjoy. And then he claimed to have better stats then Deion Sanders. Man this guy has really fallen off.

Yep - you done goofed.

Yep – you done goofed.

Dishonorable Mentions

Roberto Luongo gave up five goals in at OT win last Wednesday in San Jose, then saved 33 of 35 shots on Saturday against the Kings. Speaking of the Sharks, Martin Jones followed up his terrible six-goal loss to the Panthers (vs Luongo) with a two-goal OT loss to the Bruins. The Sharks should just try to win in regulation next time.

Michal Neuvirth lost two of three, allowing six goals in one of them. He was able to bounce back and beat the Canucks, but who hasn’t?


Stats week of 2/14-20


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Players Who Sucked This Week


The Atlanta Falcons historic collapse. That is all.



Antti Raanta, Steve Mason, Jared Coreau all have one thing in common with January 31 – losing and giving up too many goals. Jean-Francois Berube was just as bad, but on Saturday night.

Mike Condon gave up 11 goals in three games, defeating the Lightning because Vasilevskiy let five go by.

Frederik Andersen started out the week rough by giving up three goals on eight shots, and couldn’t get back on track with his 16 allowed in the next three games. Shout out to Curtis McElhinney for also giving up three goals to start the week, then never making another appearance.

That kinda week for the Leafs.

That kind of week for the Leafs.

Tuukka Rask ended the week with a .789 SV% which makes him the worst of the week in that category. To put salt in the wound, he was pulled in Saturday night’s contest halfway through the 2nd period after four goals given up on 14 shots.

Devan Dubnyk averaged 4 GA in two games, splitting the contests with a win and loss. Ryan Miller one-upped him by allowing an average of 5 per game, and lost both. Sergei Bobrovsky is a nice mix of both, with 4 GAA and two losses.

Kari Lehtonen started the week off quite well, but gave up four in each of his last two games to finish the week 1-2.



Domantas Sabonis started off decent going 5-11 from the field (but almost fouling out), then made two of his next 21 shots, which includes missing all five three-point attempts.

"...but I swear I'm shooting for the hoop!"

“…but I swear I’m shooting for the hoop!”

Cameron Payne wasn’t too hot coming off the bench, with a FG% of .258 and 3P% of .200.

Patrick Beverley was not a scoring threat this week, averaging 32 MPG and only taking 26 shots, eight of which went in.

Trevor Ariza was atrocious against the Hawks, shooting 1-12 from the field (1-10 3P). He was slightly better in his other two games.

Iman Shumpert looked more like Slumpert this week shooting 5-18 from the field, including 4-14 from long range.



Monta Ellis was just off this week – .250 FG%, 0-2 three-pointers, .444 FT%. That’s all.


Players Who Sucked Again

None since I let them off the hook last week due to the All-Star “games”. And me being lazy.


Dishonorable Mentions

Caris LeVert shot great in his first game, but then went 1-9 against the Pacers. But does it really matter when you’re on the Nets?

Arron Afflalo didn’t necessarily suck this week, but you can’t say you’d want him on your starting fantasy roster when you look at his last three games.

Justin Holiday was up-and-down this week, following up a horrible shooting performance with a good one. He ended up with a .333 FG% and .250 3P%.

Thomas Greiss played well in his first game, but gave up five in each of his final two games.


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Stats week of 1/31-2/6


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