Players Who Sucked This Week


Curtis McElhinney played in just one game and contributed to his team’s 7-2 loss in Miami. Antti Niemi was worse, allowing five goals en route to a 7-1 loss in Edmonton. Jeremy Smith also gets a nod for losing his only start. And let’s not leave Chad Johnson out, he gave up four goals in a losing effort to the Bruins. Try again next week fellas.

one done

Matt Murray was consistent…ly bad when he gave up four goals in each game this past week. But one turned into a win. Better thank your teammates for that one.

Andrei Vasilevskiy started off winning in Ottawa, but allowed four goals in each of his next two games – in front of his home crowd.

Tuukka Rask was responsible for both of his team’s losses last week. He was pulled against the Oilers after giving up five goals just minutes into the second period, then suffered a loss last night in Toronto.

Keith Kincaid and Cory Schneider were both off this week, giving up a combined 10 goals with a 1-2 record.

Devan Dubnyk lost all four games in regulation, but he also faced 114 shots. Where was the defense? Too bad St. Patty’s already passed otherwise he’d have a reason to forget last week.



Danny Green was off his shooting game again, going 2-10 from long range with an overall .214 FG%.

Green needs to do a lot more of this to get back on track.

Green needs to do a lot more of this to get back on track.

Stanley Johnson might’ve been the worst shooter of the bunch – .111 FG% and .125 3P%. No wonder he’s a bench player.

Mario Hezonja missed all six three-point attempts, shot 33% from the foul line, and missed all four shots in last night’s OT win.

Dude no one is gonna want to see you if you keep shooting this bad.

Dude no one is gonna want to see you if you keep shooting this bad.

Gerald Henderson went 4-17 from the field and hurt his season FT% going 8-13 from the line.

Evan Turner made his return to the court, but it was anything but spectacular. A .235 FG% and whiffing on every three-pointer shows how rusty his game is. Remember when this guy was supposed to be the next superstar?

Raymond Felton had a trend in four games – make a shot or two, then miss all attempts. In those games, he shot .176 from the field and missed all five three-point attempts. Terry Rozier had a similar on/off week, but shot .233 from the field overall. It’s okay, you can say he sucked less than Felton.

Hold on defense! I got this! You know I'll miss!

Hold on defense! I got this! You know I’ll miss!

Darren Collison played alright against the Thunder Saturday, but was atrocious shooting the ball in the following game.

Devin Booker shot .213 in both games last week, but missed both long range shots on St. Patty’s Day. Blame the green beer.


Dishonorable Mentions

Steve Mason started with a shutout against the Penguins, but then allowed seven goals between his next two games. He ended with a 2-1 record and .897 SV%.

Calvin Pickard defeated the Red Wings 3-1 at home last Wednesday, then lost the rematch Saturday in Detroit 1-5.

Kari Lehtonen was on/off this week – he followed up a terrible loss with a win, lost again, then ended the week with a shutout. What’s with all these on/off athletes?

Jonathan Quick and Ben Bishop both followed up a decent game with a poor one – in the same game. They each gave up two goals on Sunday which led to a 5-2 loss in Calgary. Bishop continues to lose since being traded to the Kings. Can’t say that us Lightning fans miss him.


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Stats week of 3/14-20

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Players Who Sucked This Week


Jeremy Smith lost in all three appearances this past week, allowing 8 goals on 62 shots (.871 SV%). His support squad was equally bad, scoring only one goal in those three games.

Juuse Saros lost in his lone start this week, letting four different Blackhawks score against him.

Peter Budaj was anything but impressive in his first start for the Lightning. Giving up four goals is not how you impress your new teammates and fan base. Ben Bishop was also bad for his new team, losing both games and giving up six goals. Curtis McElhinney had very similar stats as Budaj in one start, but has been on the Maples Leafs all season. They already know he’s not that good.

bishop trade

Darcy Kuemper ain’t bring his A-game against the Jets last week, giving up five goals on 24 shots then getting pulled halfway through the third period.

Thomas Greiss was too inconsistent to not make this list. He beat the Stars despite four goals allowed, lost to the Blackhawks in a shootout, then lost again after allowing four goals in the first period to the Flames. He was of course pulled from that last game after that atrocious start.



Rodney Stuckey should’ve passed the ball more after making only one shot on 11 attempts. He also missed both free throws. Time to put in some practice hours. Trey Lyles also made just one shot, but on 13 attempts, and whiffed on all four three-point attempts. But he did make one of two free throws. These guys rightfully head this week’s list of the worst shooters.







Giving them competition for worst shooter duo are Troy Daniels and Solomon Hill. Daniels went without a FG in three of his last four games, ending with a .188 FG%. His 3P% was even worse at .083. Hill finished the week with a .181 FG% and almost fouled out last Friday.

Patrick Patterson couldn’t shoot coming off the bench, posting a .222 FG% and .272 3P%.

Danny Green was way off his game this past week with a .250 FG% and .167 3P%, which he’s known for. Luckily for him being on the Spurs, they won all four games.

Mirza Teletovic didn’t help his team get three wins this week, shooting .222 from the field and .272 from long range. Stick to rebounding.

Lou Williams looks like he could be a blues singer and may want to consider picking up a new job after this past week. Actually leaving a good paying job like professional sports would be bad, but he’s gonna need to practice his shot after going 6-29 from the field.

Stanley Johnson shot exactly .200 from the field and long range. That is some consistently bad shooting.


Players Who Sucked Again

Mike Smith is back again! His SV% improved as the week went on (.714, .897, .943), but he ended with the same result each time – an L. That puts him at 16-20-6 for the season, which sadly mirrors how his Coyotes are playing.

That face you make when you're disappointed in yourself.

That face you make when you’re disappointed in yourself.

Dishonorable Mentions

Robin Lehner gave up 9 goals in three games, but ended the week with a .905 SV% since he faced 96 shots. Where were his defensemen?

Antti Niemi was solid in his first start defeating the Penguins at home, but then blew it when the Islanders came to town two days later. Eddie Lack did the complete opposite – he lost in overtime in Tampa Bay, then went to Glendale and beat the Coyotes.

Calvin Pickard played very well despite a 2-1 loss to the Senators, but then was pulled after giving up five goals in 29 minutes on Saturday.


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Stats week of 2/28-3/6


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